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As of June 30, 2019:

The Urbana-Champaign Public Engagement Portal (PEPortal) is no longer moderating nor accepting new entries. However, non-archived PEPortal data remains accessible to University faculty/staff and the public. The search functions on the site are still active.

You can contact Public Engagement @ Illinois with any public engagement questions.

Keywords are words or short phrases that describe the main subject(s) or topic(s) of an entry. This page displays the Keywords connected to public engagement programs, events, and resources in this database. Click on a Keyword to view a list of the connected entries.

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Additionally, you can sort the Keywords by Title or Number of Results using the "Sorting Options" section below the slider.

How This Tag Cloud Works

Words that appear larger in this tag cloud have more entries associated with them, and will thus potentially yield more information than smaller Keywords. Try clicking on some of the words to see what you can find through the PEPortal!

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