FAQ: Entry Types

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Entry Type Overview

All entries entered into the Public Engagement Portal are categorized by entry type. There are 3 main entry type categories: Programs, Events, or Resources.

Only entry types categorized as Events show up on the Urbana Public Engagement Portal calendar.

Entry Type Examples

  • Programs:
    • Cultural Centers
    • Certificate Courses
    • Art Gallery Exhibits
  • Events:
    • Summer Camps
    • Professional Development Workshops
    • Open Houses
  • Resources:
    • Curriculum Modules/Lessons
    • Citizen Science Databases
    • Mobile Apps

Entry Types Info Matrix

The following table will help you determine which entry types fit into each classification.

Entry Type Program? Event? Resource?
Book Signing X
Camp X
Center X
Certificate X
Class/Lesson X
Conference X
Contest/Competition X
Course X
Cultural Center X
Curriculum Module X
Degree Program X
Discussion X
Division X
Event X
Exhibit X
Festival X
Film Screening X
Grant-funded Project X
Help Desk X
Help Line X
Info Session X
Laboratory X
Language Table X
Lecture X
Library X
Media Broadcast X
Medical Clinic X
Meeting X
Mobile Apps X
Mobile Classroom X
Non-Profit Organization X
Online Course X
Online Resource X
Open House X
Performance X
Presentation X
Program X
Research Project X
Resource X
Seminar X
Series X
Social Media Discussion X
Summer Camp X
Symposium X
Teleconference X
Tour X
Training X
Webinar X
Workshop X