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Spurlock Sundays: Fall in Love with Nature

This fall the Spurlock Museum of World Cultures is exploring connections between nature and culture with Spurlock Sundays, a 4 month-long series of programs on water, trees, rocks & minerals, and ice & snow. They will look at the ways different cultures have used natural resources, explained natural phenomena, and found inspiration in the world around them. Examine artifacts, hear stories, and dig into sample materials. Experts from around town and campus will offer demonstrations and discussions. 

Each month has a distinct theme, with a series of programs for different ages and learning styles within those themes. The second Sunday of each month is the feature program of the month, Discovery Days, that will bring together a range of activities and experts for a more in-depth exploration of the month’s theme. The third Sunday of each month, Artful Nature, offers visitors an opportunity to create a unique project inspired by the natural world. All other Sundays are a Culture Lab with drop-in activities led by our museum guides. Join Spurlock for mini-tours, scavenger hunts, and touchable artifacts.

All programs are free and available on a drop-in schedule.

Visit Spurlock Museum Current and Upcoming Hands-On Events for a full listing of topics and events.