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Title Timeframe Age Group
16th Annual Center for Children's Books Sale 2/13/17 - 2/15/17
2017 Chancellor's Postdoctoral Symposium: American Indian Studies 2/17/17
2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration 1/13/17 - 1/21/17
2017 Horseman's Clinic 2/4/17 Adults
2017 Senior High String & Orchestra Clinic 2/25/17 High School
2017 Spring into Repair at the Illini Gadget Garage 4/1/17
2017 Winter Tales: Saving the Sacred 2/16/17
21st Century Scientists Working Group Ongoing
34th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival 2/25/17
41st Urbana Sweetcorn Festival 8/26/16 - 8/27/16
8 to CREATE Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter A Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Ongoing
ACES Research Apprentice Program - 2017 6/25/17 - 7/30/17 High School
Adaptive Wings: A Pathway Towards Birds' Superior Flight Performance - Spring 2017 2/8/17
African Studies Outreach Program Ongoing
Afterglow: COLAB - Spring 2017 2/8/17
Afterglow: Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Spring 2017 2/9/17
Agricultural Animal Care and Use Program Ongoing
Alexander Technique Workshop - Spring 2017 2/6/17 - 5/12/17
Occurs each week on F
Anglophone Problem in Cameroon - Spring 2017 2/15/17
Arabic Conversation Table Series Ongoing
Arabic Henna Tattoo Workshop 2/7/17
Arboretum Ongoing
Art @ the Y Series Ongoing
AsiaLENS Film Series Ongoing
AsiaLENS Screening: PUNCH - Spring 2017 2/14/17
Asian Educational Media Service Ongoing
Association of Peruvian Students Ongoing
AstroIllini Ongoing
Astronomical Society at the University of Illinois Ongoing
Astronomy on Tap Ongoing
Astronomy on Tap: Black Holes 3/16/17
Astronomy on Tap: Eclipse of a Generation 2/27/17
The Autism Program Affiliate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Ongoing
Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal 1/27/17 - 5/13/17
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F/Sa
Avicenna Community Health Center Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter B Beckman Institute Director's Seminar Series Ongoing
BeeSpotter Ongoing
Beyond the Neutral Pipe Hypothesis: Rivers and the Global Carbon Cycle 2/17/17
Bicycle Training Courses Ongoing
Big Ten Network at Illinois Ongoing
Biological Physics Seminar (CPLC) Series Ongoing
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Conversation Table Series Ongoing
Bruno Schulz, E.M. Lilien and the Archaeology of Polish Jewish Modernism 2/6/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter C Campus Bicycle Center Ongoing
Campus Recreation Ongoing
Capoeira Club at UIUC Ongoing
The Career Center Ongoing
A Career In Publishing: What Do You Need To Know? 2/6/17
CAS Associates & Fellows Noonhour Presentation: Robert Morrissey 2/13/17
Center for Advanced Study (CAS) Annual Lecture Series Ongoing
Center for African Studies Ongoing
Center for African Studies Brown Bag Series Ongoing
Center for Digital Inclusion Ongoing
Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies Ongoing
Center for Economic & Financial Education Ongoing
Center for Education in Small Urban Communities Ongoing
Center for Global Studies Ongoing
Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning Ongoing
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies K-14 Teaching Resources Ongoing Adults
Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Ongoing
Center for Study of Reading Ongoing
Center for Translation Studies Ongoing
Center on Health, Aging, and Disability (CHAD) Ongoing
Chambana Science Cafe Series Ongoing
Chambana Science Cafe Series: The Evolution of Mammals: An Earful of Jaw Then and Now - Spring 2017 2/1/17
Chambana Science Cafe Series: What's in a Core? Identifying core placental genes across species - Spring 2017 3/1/17
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab Ongoing
Cherishing Charters in Medieval England: Archives of Passion, Aspiration, Longing, and Loss 2/9/17
China and Globalization from the Perspective of Sino - Arab Economic and Trade Cooperation 2/6/17
Chinese Table - Spring 2017 1/27/17 - 3/10/17
Chinese Table Series Ongoing College
CLACS Lecture Series Spring 2017 Ongoing
Climbing Clinic Series Ongoing
The Comanche Empire Strikes Back: Seeking Representational Jurisdiction in Comanchería Cinema 2/15/17
Community Informatics Club Ongoing
Community Learning Lab Ongoing
Computational Design of Artificial Animals - Spring 2017 2/1/17
Computational Genomics Course - Summer 2016 5/23/16 - 5/27/16 Adults
Confucius Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ongoing
Crop Sciences Research and Education Center - South Farms Ongoing
Ctrl-Shift Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter D Dance for People with Parkinson's February 2017 2/17/17
DCL Lecture Series Ongoing
Dean's Diversity Lecture Series: The Black Women's Blueprint for Institutional Transformation in Higher Education 2/14/17
Democratization and State Dissolution in the Communist Federations 2/7/17
Design for America at UIUC Ongoing College
Dessert and Conversation Series Ongoing
Dessert And Conversation: February Dance - Spring 2017 2/3/17
Diabetes and Persistent Organic Pollutant Exposure in a the Great Lakes Fish Consumption Study 2/16/17
Dialogue: a Polish-Jewish Film Series - The Innocents (2016) 2/9/17
Director's Seminar 16-17: 20+ years in the making: Bridging Brain Injury Research between Illinois and Carle 3/30/17
Director's Seminar 16-17: Alcohol and the Developing Brain 2/23/17
Director's Seminar 16-17: Prenatal Physical Activity Effects on Childhood Cognition 4/27/17
Dish It Up / Lunch on Us Series Ongoing
Dish It Up: Girls Geek Out, Too!: Gender Equity in Greek Culture 2/13/17
Dish It Up: Navigating Library Resources for Feminist and Social Science Research - Spring 2017 3/27/17
Dish It Up: Prevention Pays: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Sexual Assault Prevention Education and Response - Spring 2017 4/10/17
Dish It Up: The Promise of Beauty 2/27/17
Dissident Masculinities in Indian Cinema 2/15/17
Dixon Springs Agricultural Center Ongoing
The Down There Workshop - Sexual Health Series 2/10/17
Downtown Champaign Chamber Music: DoCha Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter E The Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative Ongoing
eBlackCU: A Collaborative Portal on African-American Experiences in Champaign-Urbana Ongoing
Edible Book Festival 2017 4/1/17
Education Justice Project Ongoing Adults
Education Justice Project Presentation 2/1/17
EIR Workshop: A Career of Lessons Learned: Developing Products in a Regulated Industry 2/1/17
Emerging Contaminants Consortium 2/16/17
Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute (eDream) Ongoing
Endless Love in the Afternoon 2/12/17
EngineerGuy Ongoing
Engineering Open House 2017 3/10/17 - 3/11/17
Enough to Live On: Art from the WPA 1/27/17 - 4/22/17
Entrepreneur in Residence Program Ongoing
The Erotics of Nostalgia: Performing and Belonging in Skyrian Music 2/17/17
Ethnography of the University Initiative Ongoing
Everyday Arts Lab Ongoing
Executive Veterinary Program™ Ongoing
Explore with Hadi Series Ongoing
ExploreCU Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter F Failure: A Love Story 2/8/17 - 2/11/17
Failure: A Love Story 2/2/17 - 2/4/17
Failure: A Love Story 2/12/17
Family Fun Concert: Aaron Nigel Smith 2/4/17
Family Resiliency Center Ongoing
February Dance: Designed Enviroments 2/2/17 - 2/4/17
Financial Literacy Program Ongoing
The Five Irish Tenors 2/11/17
Food for the Soul Series Ongoing
Food for Thought Series Ongoing
Freemason History in the U.S. 2/1/17 - 2/28/17
Friends of Theatre Series Ongoing
From Haiti to the French Academy: an American writer 2/13/17
From Nickeline to Electric Oil: Early Marketing and Design Revelations for America’s Trombone 9/26/16 - 7/21/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter G German Movie Night (with subtitles): Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Bern, 2003) 2/9/17
Giertz Education Center Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter H Health Innovations Lecture Series Ongoing
Henry Fillmore: The Man Behind the Name 10/31/16 - 9/29/17
HeRMES Clinic: Helping Revitalize Medical Education through Service Ongoing
High Rise Stories with author Audrey Petty: A Public Square@Illinois event. 2/1/17
Hot Topics Dialogues Series Ongoing
How I learned English: colonization and my education from Uganda to the United States 2/3/17
Human Library Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter I I am "The People": Understanding Latina/o Educational Pathways From the Perspectives of Scholar and Subject of Inquiry 2/7/17
I2PC Distinguished Speaker Series Ongoing
iCAP Portal Ongoing
iFoundry Ongoing
IGB Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Ongoing
IGB Theme Symposium: Omics Nanotechnology for Cancer Precision Medicine 2/7/17
Illinois Business Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Luncheon 2/16/17
Illinois Digital Innovation Leadership Program Ongoing
Illinois Ensembles Ongoing
Illinois Forest Resource Center Ongoing
Illinois Geometry Lab Ongoing
Illinois History and Lincoln Collections Ongoing
Illinois MakerLab Ongoing
Illinois Marketplace & Maker Literacy Program Ongoing
Illinois Natural History Survey Ongoing
Illinois State Archaeological Survey Ongoing
Illinois State Geological Survey Ongoing
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center Ongoing
Illinois Theatre Series Ongoing
Illinois Water Resources Center Ongoing
The impact of intrinsic brain activity on cognition: a collaboration with the Dominican Republic 2/2/17
Inaugural Stormwater Management Public Meeting 2/15/17
Informatics and Computation Ubiquitous through Baccalaureate Education Ongoing
Information City Lecture Series Ongoing
Information Trust Institute Ongoing
INHS Seminar Series Ongoing
Institute for Genomic Biology Seminar Series Ongoing
Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Ongoing
Intensive English Institute Ongoing
Intensive Foreign Language Instruction Program (IFLIP) - Summer 2016 5/16/16 - 5/27/16
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F
Intensive Foreign Language Instruction Program (IFLIP) - Winter 2017 1/3/17 - 1/13/17
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F
Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life Ongoing
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Initiative Ongoing
International Science Fiction Film Festival 2/22/17 - 2/23/17
IPRH Film Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter J Japanese Language Table Series Ongoing
Jim Pugh, Trombone 2/12/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter K Kaffeestunde - German Conversation Group Series Ongoing
KAM Chamber Music Series Ongoing
Klezmer Music: From Old World to New 2/16/17
Know your plant medicine: Exploring essential oils - Spring 2017 2/8/17
Korean Conversation Table - Spring 2017 1/27/17 - 3/10/17
Occurs each week on F
Korean Conversation Table Series Ongoing
Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion Ongoing
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Ongoing
Krannert Center Tours Ongoing
Krannert Uncorked - Spring 2017 4/27/17
Krannert Uncorked - Spring 2017 2/2/17
Krannert Uncorked - Spring 2017 2/9/17
Krannert Uncorked and On Topic - Spring 2017 2/2/17
Krannert Uncorked Series Ongoing
Krannert Uncorked: Lyric Theatre - Spring 2017 2/16/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter L La Casa Cultural Latina Ongoing
LabEscape Ongoing
Land Grant 1/27/17 - 7/8/17
Language Differences and the Construction of School Failure and Success for Multilingual/Multicultural Learners 2/16/17
Language Differences and the Construction of School Failure and Success for Multilingual/Multicultural Learners 2/16/17
Language Shapes Opinion Toward Gender Equality 2/3/17
Leadership in Hard Times: How Angela Merkel Learned to Love the European Union 2/17/17
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center Ongoing
Less Commonly Taught Language Film Series Ongoing
Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Film Series - Spring 2016 Ongoing
Light and Movement in Sculpture 1/27/17 - 5/13/17
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F/Sa
Lines Drawn: Remembering Settler Pennsylvania 2/17/17
Linguistics Seminar Series: Darren Tanner - Spring 2017 2/6/17
Lunch @ La Casa - African American Women and Their Role in Student Affairs 2/16/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter M The Maddy Marsan Project 2/4/17
Making and Breaking Medieval Manuscripts 11/17/16 - 2/11/17
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F/Sa
Making, Breaking, and Conserving Medieval Manuscripts 2/2/17
Mali Water Project Ongoing College
ManTalks: Healthy Relationships Workshop 2/6/17
Mathematical Galleries Ongoing
Mathematics Materials for Tomorrow's Teachers Ongoing
Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois Ongoing
Medieval Irish Masterpieces in Modern Reproduction 9/13/16 - 4/2/17
Occurs each week on Su/Tu/W/Th/F/Sa
Migration Crisis: Implications for Turkish-EU Relations 2/14/17
Molecular Underpinning of Postsynaptic Calmodulin-dependent Calcium Signaling - Spring 2017 2/17/17
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs Ongoing
MSTE Friday Lunch Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter N National Soybean Research Laboratory Ongoing
National Volunteer Week Ongoing
Native American House Ongoing
NCSA Colloquium Series Ongoing
New Directions in Russian and East European Studies Series Ongoing
The No. 44 Society - Book Collector's Club Ongoing
Noontime Scholar Lecture Series Ongoing
Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center Ongoing
Novel Education for Understanding Research On Neuroscience Ongoing
NRES Departmental Seminar Series Ongoing
Nutrition Cafe Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter O Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Ongoing
Office of Corporate Relations Ongoing
Office of Information Technology and Communication Services Ongoing
Office of Recreation and Park Services Ongoing
Office of Volunteer Programs Ongoing
Online Agricultural Education Master of Science Ongoing College
Online Certificate in TESL Ongoing College
Online Courses for ESL and ENL Endorsements Ongoing College
Online Education (LEEP) Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter P Parenting 24/7 Ongoing Adults
Pathways Resource Center Ongoing
Pause Cafe Series Ongoing
Pollen Power! Summer Day Camp for Girls - 2017 7/10/17 - 7/14/17 Middle School/Junior High
The Populist University: Expanding Public Colleges in the Trump Era 2/7/17
Preservation and Conservation Units Ongoing
President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration 2/3/17
Psychological Services Center Ongoing
Public Calligraphy 1/22/17 - 2/5/17
Occurs each week on Su
Public Engagement Colloquium Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter Q Quench Lunch Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter R Rainbow Bookbag Series Ongoing
Reacting to the Past: A Single-Session Mini-Game Tutorial 2/10/17
Red Sky: Mistatim 2/10/17
Religion And Politics In Nineteenth- And Twentieth-Century Oman And Zanzibar 2/17/17
Religion, Race, Sexuality, and Performance 2/10/17
Rene Marie And Experiment In Truth: Sound Of Red 2/16/17 - 2/18/17
Ricker Library of Architecture and Art Ongoing
Robert E. Brown Center for World Music Ongoing
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter S Saturday Physics for Everyone Ongoing High School
Saving the Sacred 2/16/17
Scholar Meet and Greet with Dr. Dustin Tahmahkera 2/16/17
School of Art + Design Visitor Series Ongoing
School of Earth, Society, & Environment Research Review 2/10/17
Scientific Animations Without Borders℠ Ongoing
Scuba Clinic Series Ongoing
Seeing Beneath the Ground: Geophysics and Recent Archaeological Explorations and Discoveries in Illinois 2/3/17
Segregation in Various Geographical and Temporal Contexts in Daily Life and Its Effects on Social Disparities in Exposures to Air Pollution 2/3/17
Sex & Gender Film Series Ongoing
Shelter Medicine Program at Illinois Ongoing
Sinfonia da Camera Performance Series Ongoing
Small Farms Manure Management Ongoing
Smart Energy Design Assistance Center Ongoing
SONIC ILLINOIS: 18th Annual 21st Century Piano Competition Concert 2/10/17
SONIC ILLINOIS: Illinois Modern Ensemble 2/15/17
Sonic Illinois: Jupiter String Quartet with Todd Palmer, Clarinet 2/16/17
Sonic Illinois: Modern Ensemble 2/8/17
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Ongoing
The Soybean Innovation Lab: Communicating Research for Development - Spring 2017 2/1/17
Soybean Press Ongoing
Spanish & Portuguese Colloquium - Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón (Hispanic Studies, Oberlin) 2/2/17
Spanish Story Time - February 2017 2/11/17
SPEAK Cafe - Spring 2017 2/2/17
Speech-Language Pathology Clinic Ongoing
Spring 2017 - Demand and Incentives for Postharvest Technology in India 2/14/17
Spring 2017 - Quench: The Honeymoon is Over 2/6/17
Spring 2017 - Terrorism and South Asia: How to Win the Lost War 2/8/17
Spring 2017 Friday Forum: The State of Immigration in Small Town Illinois 2/17/17
Spring 2017 MillerComm Lecture Series Ongoing
Spring 2017 MSTE Friday Lunch Series - St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy: The Importance of STEM Outreach to the Community and to You 2/17/17
Spurlock Museum of World Cultures Ongoing
St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy Ongoing K-6
Stage Center Slides! Stories of Sousa's Spectacular Trombonists 7/29/16 - 6/16/17
State Capacity at the Border: Relinquishing or Reinforcing Contentious Border Regions 2/2/17
Stepping Through Time: Black Greek Letter Organizations at the University of Illinois 2/1/17 - 2/28/17
Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative Ongoing
The Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World Ongoing
Sustainability Seminar Series - Spring 2017 Ongoing
Sustainable Development Virtual Knowledge Interface℠ Ongoing
The Syrian Community Network presents: Community Outreach 2/8/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter T A Tale of Two Brothers: Medieval Depictions of Ancient Japanese Mythology 2/7/17
TANGO at KAM - February 2017 2/11/17
TCIPG Education Ongoing
Teaching with Technology Seminar Series Ongoing
Thursdays@12:20 Concert Series Ongoing
Thursdays@12:20: UI Jazz Quintet 2/16/17
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - Spring 2017 2/2/17
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - Spring 2017 2/9/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter U UI Pollinatarium Ongoing
UI Symphony Orchestra - Fall 2016 4/6/17
UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database Ongoing
A unique, long-term effort to study an Indiana bat maternity colony near the Indianapolis Airport - Spring 2017 2/7/17
University Library Ongoing
University of Illinois WebCon 2017 4/5/17 - 4/7/17 College
University of Illinois Webmasters Ongoing
University of Illinois Writing Project Ongoing Adults
University YMCA Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter V Venice Baroque Orchestra: Vivaldi's Juditha Triumphans 2/4/17
Veterinary Behavior at Illinois Ongoing
Veterinary Specialty Center Ongoing
VOICE Reading Series - February 2017 2/16/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter W Why Equity Matters for Everyone: A New Value Proposition for Design 2/3/17
Wildlife Medical Clinic Ongoing
Winter Tales: American Indian Storytelling Ongoing
Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program Ongoing
Women Chemists Committee Ongoing
Women in Engineering Ongoing
Women's Empowerment & International Development Focal Point Series Ongoing
Writ n' Rhymed Poetic Arts Space: Black Herstory Slam - Spring 2017 2/1/17
Writ n' Rhymed Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter X First entry beginning with at least the letter Y Yoga at the Museum - Spring 2017 1/27/17 - 5/12/17
First entry beginning with at least the letter Z Zahn Learning Center Open Hours Ongoing
Zina Saro-Wiwa: Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance? 11/11/16 - 3/25/17
Occurs each week on M/Tu/W/Th/F/Sa

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