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This listing shows only programs and events with county-wide impact in Champaign County. It is quite possible for programs and events to show up in listings for cities within this county, but be absent from this listing because their scope is limited to a single city, not residents of this county in general.

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Programs & events with county-level impact in Champaign County:

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Title Timeframe Age Group
The "Caliphate of Hamdallahi": A History from Within Ongoing
2018 Allerton Summer Day Camps: Acorns & Adventurers Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
2018 Allerton Summer Day Camps: Discovery Camp Ongoing Pre-K
2018 CU Community Fab Lab Summer Camps Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
2018 Derber Lecture: DeMaurice Smith Ongoing
2018 Summer Illinois Math (SIM) Camp Delta (students entering 9th or 10th) Ongoing High School
2018 Summer Illinois Math (SIM) Camp Epsilon (students entering 8th or 9th) Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
High School
2018 Summer Illinois Math (SIM) Camp Omega (students entering 10th through 12th) Ongoing High School
2018 Thulin Lecture in Religion - R. Marie Griffith, Washington University: "Sex and American Christianity: The Religious Divides that Fractured a Nation" Ongoing
2018 Young Writers Camps - Elementary Summer Camp Ongoing K-6
2018 Young Writers Camps - Intermediate Summer Camp Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
2018 Young Writers Camps - Secondary Summer Camp Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
High School
The 21st: a production of Illinois Public Media Ongoing
3rd High School Summer Bridge - Portuguese 2018 Ongoing
9th Annual Feminist Film Festival Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter A Afterglow Series Ongoing
America's Ambassadors - A Joy to the World Ongoing
Anti-Racism Activism and Geography: Engaging in Local Politics Ongoing
Antibodies, Antigens and Enzymes: Creating the Building Blocks of In Vitro Diagnostic Assays Ongoing
Arboretum Ongoing
Archaeology of the Contemporary Ongoing
Artist Talk Ongoing
Artist Talk: Coco Fusco, "The Politics of Discord" Ongoing
Arts Encounter: Furoshiki Ongoing
The Autism Program Affiliate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter B A Balkan Time? Timekeeping Practices and Attitudes towards Time in Southeastern Europe Ongoing
A Balkan Time? Timekeeping Practices and Attitudes towards Time in Southeastern Europe (16th-early 20thc.) Ongoing
Basel Abbas + Ruanne Abou-Rahme: And yet my mask is powerful Ongoing
Between the steppe and the sea: Scythians, Taurians, and Greeks in Crimea Ongoing
Big Ten Network at Illinois Ongoing
Bonding with Chemistry: A Day Camp for Girls - Summer 2018 - Day 1 Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
Bonding with Chemistry: A Day Camp for Girls - Summer 2018 - Day 2 Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
Boneyards Art Exhibit Reception: "Fighting for Visibility" Ongoing
Book Mentor Project Ongoing Pre-K
Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter C Cahokia€™s Religion: The Art of Red Goddesses, Black Drink, and the Underworld Ongoing
Capoeira Club at UIUC Ongoing
CAS Brown Bag: "L.S. Senghor's Ethics of Consent: On Cognitive Approaches to Emotions in African Literature" Ongoing
CAS Brown Bag: "Negotiating the Social Relevance of a Sacred Law: Islamic Legal Practice in the Early Modern Sahara and Sahel (1500-1850)" Ongoing
Catalyze: A Professional Networking Event Ongoing
CCNet (Champaign County Sustainability Network) Ongoing
CEAPS Speaker/EALC Lecture Series - Hiromi Mizuno, "The Age of Nitrogen: Agricultural Modernization and Japan" Ongoing
Center for African Studies 2018 Annual W.E.B. DuBois Lecture: "W.E.B. Dubois, Albert Luthuli, and a Journey Toward Justice" Ongoing
Center for Biophysics and Computational Biology Ongoing
Center for Education in Small Urban Communities Ongoing
Center for Global Studies Ongoing
Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship Ongoing
Champaign County Audubon Bird Hike - SOLD OUT Ongoing
Champaign, Ford, Iroquois & Vermilion Extension Unit Ongoing
Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab Ongoing
Child Care Resource Service Ongoing Adults
Claire McCallum, "'Hating War, He Must Spare No Effort to Defend Peace': Masculinity, War, and Peace in the Early Cold War Era" Ongoing
Clay Minerals Conference Ongoing
Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy (CHAMP) Ongoing
College of Applied Health Sciences Ongoing
College of Business Ongoing
College of Engineering Ongoing
College of Fine and Applied Arts Ongoing
College of Law Ongoing
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Ongoing
College of Media Ongoing
Community Learning Lab Ongoing
Community Yoga at Allerton Ongoing
Contemporary Conversations: Cultural Stereotyping Ongoing
Coordinated Science Lab Ongoing
Counseling Center Ongoing
Ctrl-Shift Ongoing
Cultural Computing Group (CCG) Ongoing
CUVolunteer Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter D Dads and Daughters Do Science Ongoing K-6
Death by Policing: Race, State Violence, and the Possibility of Justice Ongoing
Department of Accountancy Ongoing
Department of Advertising Ongoing
Department of Aerospace Engineering Ongoing
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Ongoing
Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics Ongoing
Department of Animal Biology Ongoing
Department of Animal Sciences Ongoing
Department of Anthropology Ongoing
Department of Astronomy Ongoing
Department of Biochemistry Ongoing
Department of Bioengineering Ongoing
Department of Business Administration Ongoing
Department of Cell & Developmental Biology Ongoing
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Ongoing
Department of Comparative Biosciences Ongoing
Department of Computer Science Ongoing
Department of Crop Sciences Ongoing
Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership Ongoing
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Ongoing
Department of English Ongoing
Department of Finance Ongoing
Department of Human Development and Family Studies Ongoing
Department of Journalism Ongoing
Department of Kinesiology and Community Health Ongoing
Department of Landscape Architecture Ongoing
Department of Latina/Latino Studies Ongoing
Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Ongoing
Department of Media and Cinema Studies Ongoing
Department of Microbiology Ongoing
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Ongoing
Department of Physics Ongoing
Department of Plant Biology Ongoing
Department of Psychology Ongoing
Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism Ongoing
Department of Speech & Hearing Science Ongoing
Department of Urban & Regional Planning Ongoing
Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine Ongoing
Designed, Displayed, & Discarded: Ephemeral Printing in Alton, Illinois, 1835-1855 Ongoing
Digital Asia Teacher Workshop Ongoing
Diversity & Social Justice Education Ongoing
Diversity Research Laboratory Ongoing
Division of Animal Resources Ongoing
Division of Intercollegiate Athletics Ongoing
Division of Nutritional Sciences Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter E East Central Illinois Master Naturalists Ongoing
Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute (eDream) Ongoing
Empathy in Leadership Ongoing
Engineering Career Services Ongoing
EntreCORPS Ongoing
Entrepreneur in Residence Program Ongoing
Epstein Health Law and Policy Program Ongoing
Everyday Arts Lab Ongoing
Exhibit Opening: Past Time Pastimes: Vintage Board Games Ongoing
Explore with Hadi Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter F Facts and Counterfactuals in Recent French Literature Ongoing
"Fake News": Israeli Settler-Nationalism, New Media Technologies, and the Fine Art of Repudiation Ongoing
Family Advocacy Clinic Ongoing
Family and Community Engagement Ongoing Adults
Family Art Event Ongoing
Family Resiliency Center Ongoing
Foellinger Auditorium Ongoing
Food and Drug Interactions - Champaign County Ongoing
The Forum on the Future of Public Education Ongoing
Friday Forum Series Ongoing
From Russia with Love: University of Wisconsin Russian Folk Orchestra in Concert Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter G Gender Equity Council Ongoing
Giertz Education Center Ongoing
GIS for Research I: Introduction to GIS Concepts, Software, and Data Ongoing
GIS for Research II: GIS Research, Data Management, and Visualization Ongoing
Golden Years Gardening - Champaign County Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter H Hazardous Materials Training Program Ongoing
HeRMES Clinic: Helping Revitalize Medical Education through Service Ongoing
The Heroin Project - Champaign County Ongoing
Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies Ongoing
Holy Alliance: The Influence of Religion at the University of Illinois Ongoing
Hometown Heroes Ongoing
Human Library Ongoing
Humanities and Public Life Symposium Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter I Ice Skating Party Packages Ongoing
iFoundry Ongoing
IGB Art of Science 8.0 Opening Reception Ongoing
IGB Seminar - Genomic Ecology of Global Change Ongoing
iHelp Ongoing
Ikebana Workshop Series Ongoing
Illini Fall Prevention Clinic Ongoing Senior Citizens
Illini Mentor Program Ongoing
Illini Real Estate Forum (IREF) Ongoing
Illinois Cancer Center Ongoing
Illinois Geometry Lab Ongoing
Illinois Invasive Species Symposium - Champaign County Ongoing
Illinois Leadership Center Ongoing
Illinois Maker Lab Summer Camps - Summer 2018 Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Illinois Modern Ensemble Ongoing
Illinois Music Academy Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities Ongoing
Illinois Public Media (WILL) Ongoing
Illinois Theatre Series Ongoing
Imaging Technology Group Ongoing
Information City Lecture Series Ongoing
INHS Traveling Science Center Ongoing
Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Ongoing
Instructional Kitchen: Breakfast all Day, Everyday Ongoing
Instructional Kitchen: Cooking with Quinoa Ongoing
Integrative Biology Merit Program for Emerging Scholars Ongoing College
Intensive Foreign Language Instruction Program (IFLIP) - Summer 2018 Ongoing
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute Ongoing
Intersections of Immigration and LGBTQ Activism Ongoing
Introduction to Text Mining Concepts and Sources Ongoing
Italian at Illinois presents: Dante in Film€ Series- Dante's Inferno - An Animatic Epic (2010, in English) Ongoing
Italian Trombone Quartet Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter J Japan House Spring Open House - 2018 Ongoing
Japan House Tea Ceremonies and Tours Ongoing
Japanese Cooking Workshops Series Ongoing
Jupiter String Quartet with Timothy Ehlen, piano and Lisa Gaye Dixon, narrator Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter K K-Week: Korean Movie Night "TRAIN TO BUSAN" Ongoing
KAM Chamber Music Series Ongoing
Katherine Bowers, "Terrible, Mysterious, and Fantastic Stories: Gothic Frames in Realist Fiction” Ongoing
Kids@Krannert Program Ongoing Pre-K
Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion Ongoing
Krannert Center Debut Artist: Lishan Xue, pianist Ongoing
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Ongoing
Krannert Uncorked Series Ongoing
Krannert Uncorked with Ryan Byfield and Nucleus Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter L LabEscape Ongoing
Laboratory of Comparative Genomics Ongoing
Latin American & Caribbean Film Night: "SOY ANDINA" Ongoing
Lawrence Brownlee, tenor Ongoing
Legal Issues in the News Ongoing
LGBTQ and Title IX Reporting: What to Expect Ongoing
Lifetime Fitness Program Ongoing Adults
Senior Citizens
LIFT College Access Mentoring Program Ongoing High School
Linguistics Seminar Series Presentation by Lydia Catedral (UIUC) and Farzad Karimzad (U Salisbury): "Why Chronotopes?" Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter M Mai 68: un etrange printemps (in French with English subtitles) Ongoing
Managing Your Citations with Mendeley Ongoing
McKinley Health Center Special Populations Ongoing
Medical Humanities and Social Sciences Program Ongoing
Michael McKelvey's Test Office Ongoing
Migration, Racism and the Mediterranean: A Freirean Perspective Ongoing
MLM Test Entry Ongoing
Modern Greek Studies Ongoing
Money MentorsProgram - Champaign, Ford, Iroquois & Vermilion Counties Ongoing
Monster in the Mind: The Convenient Un-truth about Alzheimer's - Champaign County Ongoing
MSTE Friday Lunch Series Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter N National Center for Professional and Research Ethics Ongoing
Native Culture: Resilient and Dancing with Pride Ongoing
NCSA Supercomputer Tours Ongoing
Nutritional Coaching Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter O The Odyssey Project Ongoing Adults
Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Ongoing
Office of Corporate Relations Ongoing
One People Ongoing
Online Education (LEEP) Ongoing
Open Textbooks: Rights, Resources, & Reasons Ongoing
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Ongoing Senior Citizens
First entry beginning with at least the letter P Paper 2 Tree Ongoing
Parallel Computing Institute Ongoing
Physics Van Outreach Program Ongoing K-6
Playful by Design Interdisciplinary Games Studies Spring Symposium Ongoing
Polish film: "Kanal" / Sewer by Andrzej Wajda Ongoing
The Process of Creating I Am Alfonso Jones Ongoing
Prof. Kim Potowski, (Univ. of Ill. at Chicago): What if Melissa Lozada-Oliva had attended a dual language school? Ongoing
The Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security (ACDIS) Ongoing
Psychological Services Center Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter Q Quantum Voyages Ongoing
Quechua Film Night "The Eyes of the Journey / Los ojos del camino / Nampa nawinkuna" Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter R Reaching and Educating America's Chemists of Tomorrow Ongoing College
REEEC New Directions Lecture: Frank Karioris, "Research and Study Opportunities at the American University of Central Asia" Ongoing
REEEC Noontime Scholars Lecture: Andreas Lyberatos, "Ethnonyms of the Greeks and National Politicization in the 19th c. Views from the Balkans" Ongoing
Restorative and Transitional Justice: What can we learn from the South African example? Ongoing
A Return to the Madhouse: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump Ongoing
Robert E. Brown Center for World Music Ongoing
Russkii Stol - Russian Conversation Table Series Ongoing
Russkii stol--Russian table Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter S Saturday Engineering for Everyone: Smartphones, smart homes, and smart cities: a typical day in 2030 - Spring 2018 Ongoing
Science at the Market Series Ongoing
Secrets of Successful Container Gardening - Champaign County Ongoing
Seed Starting Workshop Ongoing
Share Your Video Online with Kaltura Ongoing
Shelter Medicine Program at Illinois Ongoing
Solving the World's Challenges: Climate Change Ongoing
Sonia Math Day: Knot Theory - Spring 2018 Ongoing High School
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Ongoing
Spanish Story Time "Drum Dream Girl" Ongoing
Spanish Story Time - Marimba! Ongoing
Spring 2018 MSTE Friday Lunch Series - Three Mathematicians Walked into a Bar Ongoing
Spring Open House Ongoing
Spring Open House Free Garden Tour Ongoing
Spurlock Museum and Outreach Visits for Educators Ongoing
Spurlock Museum Educational Resource Center Ongoing
Spurlock Museum of World Cultures Ongoing
Spurlock Museum Tours Ongoing
St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy Ongoing K-6
Starting the Job Search: Strategies for Success Ongoing
Storytelling Festival Ongoing
Student Affairs Ongoing
Studiodance II Ongoing
Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative Ongoing
Sudden Sound Concert Series Ongoing
Sudden Sound Concert: Larry Ochs Trio Ongoing
Summer 2018 Latin American Educators Workshop - Modern Andean Points of View: The Andes and Their People" Ongoing Adults
Super Powers: Your Wishes Done Right - Champaign County Ongoing
Sustainable Student Farm Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter T Talk: University of Illinois Wheelchair Athletics: A Tradition of Excellence Ongoing
Tap In Leadership Academy Ongoing Pre-K
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Tap In Leadership Academy's Afterschool Enrichment Program Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
TAP Resource Center Ongoing
TAP Resource Room and Online Resources Ongoing
"Teaching Transitional Justice" Symposium Ongoing
Technocolonial Futurisms: Code, Hack, Move Ongoing
Technology Services at Illinois Ongoing
Thinking Money - Champaign County Ongoing
Thinking Money: Screening and Discussion Ongoing Adults
Time Machine: Ancient China Ongoing
Time Machine: Playing Games Ongoing
Total Dictation Ongoing
Transatlantic Relations Roundtable with KU-Leuven Ongoing
Tuesday @ 7: Empowerment and Balance in Relationships Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter U UI Jazz Band IV Ongoing
UI Jazz Combo Concert I Ongoing
UI Jazz Trombone Ensembles I and II Ongoing
UI Percussion Ensemble Ongoing
UI Pollinatarium Ongoing
UI Symphony Orchestra Ongoing
UI Wind Orchestra and UI Hindsley Symphonic Band Ongoing
UI Wind Symphony Sesquicentennial Home Gala Concert Ongoing
UI-7 Cable Television Channel Ongoing
UIUC Peace Corps Office Ongoing
Undergraduate Research Showcase Ongoing
Uni High Summer Enrichment Camp 2018 Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory Ongoing
University of Illinois Writing Project Ongoing Adults
USDA Rural Development Roundtable/Listening Session Ongoing
Using the DPLA Primary Resources for Research Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter V Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Ongoing
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Ongoing
VOICE Reading Series Ongoing
Volunteer Illini Projects, Inc Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter W WGGP Afternoon Coffee Hour Ongoing
When Excel isn't Enough Ongoing
Wildlife Medical Clinic Ongoing
Wildlife Medical Clinic Educational & PR Visits Ongoing
WILL AM 580 Ongoing
WILL Education Ongoing
Women in Engineering Ongoing
Women in Tech Luncheon: Madelyn Walters Ongoing
WorldFest Celebration of Performing Arts Ongoing
Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering Ongoing
First entry beginning with at least the letter X First entry beginning with at least the letter Y Young Strings on the Move: The Paul Rolland String Camp - Summer 2018 Ongoing K-6
First entry beginning with at least the letter Z Zen Studies with Professor Shozo Sato: Advanced Calligraphy Ongoing
Zen Studies with Professor Shozo Sato: Calligraphy for Beginners/Intermediate Ongoing