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2017 Geomagnetism Summer Workshop: Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Solar Weather, and Power Systems Workshop 6/5/17 - 6/9/17 Adults
nano@illinois Research Experience for Teachers - Summer 2017 Course 6/28/17 - 8/8/17 College
African Studies Outreach Program Program Ongoing
The All-Star River Explorers: Discover the Basics of Rivers and How They Are Formed Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Animal Adaptations Program Ongoing Adults
Art-to-Go Visits Program Ongoing Pre-K
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Asian Educational Media Service Program Ongoing
BeeSpotter Online Resource Ongoing
Bugging out! Teaching with Insects Program Ongoing Adults
Bully-Proofing Your Classroom Program Ongoing Adults
Catch the Carrot Mobile Apps Ongoing K-6
Center for Education in Small Urban Communities Center Ongoing
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies K-14 Teaching Resources Online Resource Ongoing Adults
Chancellor's Academy Program Ongoing
Chickscope Resources Online Resource Ongoing
Ctrl-Shift Program Ongoing
CUVolunteer Online Resource Ongoing
Diversity and Inclusion: Learning Across Differences Program Ongoing Adults
Dr. Arbor Talks Trees Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Education Justice Project Program Ongoing Adults
Emotional Intelligence for Teachers Program Ongoing Adults
Engineering Design Projects for Specific Grade Bands Program Ongoing Adults
EQuIP Yourself for NGSS Program Ongoing Adults
Exploring the Secret Life of Trees Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Food Fun - From Apples to Zucchini Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Forever Friends Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Fresh From the World.... Where Your Food Comes From Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Giertz Education Center Center Ongoing
Great Plant Escape Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics [ICTM] Listserv Online Resource Ongoing
Illinois Engineering Ambassadors Program Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
High School
Illinois Geometry Lab Laboratory Ongoing
Illinois Projects in Practice Online Resource Ongoing Adults
Illinois School Reform Resource Locator Online Resource Ongoing
Incubation and Embryonic Development Course Online Resource Ongoing
Inquiry Adventures Youth Nature Field Trips Program Ongoing
Introducing Engineering in the NGSS Program Ongoing Adults
KAM-WAM: Krannert Art Museum - Week at the Museum Program Ongoing
KAM–BAM: One day at the museum Program Ongoing
KAM–WAM–JAM: A more intensive partnership with KAM Program Ongoing
Knowing Your World Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion Center Ongoing
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Cultural Center Ongoing
Let's Talk About Insects Online Resource Ongoing K-6
LIFT College Access Mentoring Program RSO Ongoing High School
Little Scientist: NGSS Aligned Life Science Activities Program Ongoing Adults
Local Physical Science Alliance Zone VII (Champaign-Urbana) Program Ongoing
Materials Science and Technology Modules Curriculum Module Ongoing
Math Beyond the Book Program Ongoing Adults
Math in the Middle Program Ongoing Adults
Math Teacher Link Online Course Ongoing Adults
Math You Can Count On Program Ongoing Adults
Mathematics Materials for Tomorrow's Teachers Curriculum Module Ongoing
Maximizing Academic Growth with Social & Emotional Learning Program Ongoing Adults
Mission Motion: Making Sense of Graphs Program Ongoing Adults
Music - Public Engagement Office Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
High School
My First Garden: A Guide to the World of Fun and Clever Gardening Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Nab the Aquatic Invader! Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
NanoCEMMS Online Lab Materials Online Resource Ongoing
Natural Resources, the Environment and Ecosystems Online Resource Ongoing
NCSA Supercomputer tours Tour Ongoing
NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics Certificate Ongoing College
NGSS for the Novice Program Ongoing Adults
Novel Education for Understanding Research On Neuroscience Grant-funded Project Ongoing
Number Sense and More Program Ongoing Adults
Off to a Good Start Program Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Office Ongoing
Office of Volunteer Programs Office Ongoing
Out on a Limb: A Guide to Getting Along Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Pathways Resource Center Center Ongoing
Physics Van Outreach Program Mobile Classroom Ongoing K-6
Power and Energy Interactive Activities Curriculum Module Ongoing
The Power of the Wind Curriculum Module Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Principal's Scholars Program Program Ongoing Middle School/Junior High
High School
Rain Check Network - A Student Driven Database Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Reaching and Educating America's Chemists of Tomorrow Program Ongoing College
The REACT Program Kidspace Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Real Teaching with Real Colors (Personality Instrument) Program Ongoing Adults
Resources for Educators in Illinois Online Resource Ongoing
Shake, Rattle and Slide: The Work of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Glaciers Online Resource Ongoing Pre-K
Spurlock Museum Educational Resource Center Center Ongoing
Spurlock Museum Outreach Programs for Educators Program Ongoing
Strategies for Empowering Students: Classroom activities that engage the mind Online Resource Ongoing
Stratton MicroSociety Project Grant-funded Project Ongoing K-6
Student Opportunities for After-School Resources Program Ongoing
Take Action on Radon for Healthy Homes Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
Senior Citizens
Tap In Leadership Academy Non-Profit Organization Ongoing Pre-K
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Teacher Collaborator Project Program Ongoing
Thinking about NGSS: Introducing the Practices Program Ongoing Adults
Tree House Weather Kids Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
Trees are Terrific - Travels with Pierre Online Resource Ongoing K-6
UI Pollinatarium Unit Ongoing
University of Illinois Writing Project Program Ongoing Adults
A Walk in the Woods Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Wildlife Encounters Resources Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Wildlife Medical Clinic Educational & PR Visits Program Ongoing
Windows to Asian Cultures Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High

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