Opportunities Available to Teachers, Summer 2018

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You may wish to view the Opportunities Available to Teachers, Summer 2017 listing to find opportunities held in 2017 for which we do not yet have 2018 information (please note that there is no guarantee the events in the 2017 listing will take place again in 2018)

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Title Type Timeframe Age Group
Teacher Tuesdays - Tazewell County Event 6/5/18 Adults
Math Outside the Book 2.0 for PreK - K teachers - Cook County Workshop 7/9/18 - 7/10/18 Adults
Trauma, Compassion and Resiliency Retreat - Cook County Workshop 8/8/18 - 8/9/18
Learning Math Through Desmos - Cook County Workshop 8/10/18
Center for Children's Books Center Ongoing Pre-K
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Chancellor's Academy Program Ongoing
Emotional Intelligence for Teachers Program Ongoing Adults
Giertz Education Center Center Ongoing
The Great Corn Adventure Online Resource Ongoing K-6
Middle School/Junior High
High School
Illinois Early Learning Project: Project Approach Online Resource Ongoing
Illinois Geometry Lab Laboratory Ongoing
Illinois School Reform Resource Locator Online Resource Ongoing
Math You Can Count On Program Ongoing Adults
NGSS for the Novice Program Ongoing Adults
Real Teaching with Real Colors (Personality Instrument) Program Ongoing Adults
Resources for Educators in Illinois Online Resource Ongoing
Shake, Rattle and Slide: The Work of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Glaciers Online Resource Ongoing Pre-K
Tap In Leadership Academy Non-Profit Organization Ongoing Pre-K
Middle School/Junior High
High School

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