FAQ: Entry Types

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  • General Overview

    All entries entered into the Public Engagement Portal are categorized by entry type. These entry types can be Programs, Events, or Resources. Only Events show up in the Public Engagement Portal calendar.

  • Entry Types Info Matrix

    The following table will help you determine which entry types fit into each classification.

    Entry Type Program? Event? Resource?
    Camp X
    Center X
    Certificate X
    Class/Lesson X
    Conference X
    Contest/Competition X
    Course X
    Cultural Center X
    Curriculum Module X
    Degree Program X
    Discussion X
    Division X
    Event X
    Exhibit X
    Festival X
    Film Screening X
    Grant-funded Project X
    Help Desk X
    Help Line X
    Info Session X
    Laboratory X
    Language Table X
    Lecture X
    Library X
    Media Broadcast X
    Medical Clinic X
    Meeting X
    Mobile Apps X
    Mobile Classroom X
    Non-Profit Organization X
    Online Course X
    Online Resource X
    Open House X
    Performance X
    Presentation X
    Program X
    Research Project X
    RSO X
    Seminar X
    Series X
    Social Media Discussion X
    Summer Camp X
    Symposium X
    Teleconference X
    Tour X
    Training X
    Webinar X
    Workshop X

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