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Adults 55 and over residing in the Urbana-Champaign area may participate in the Lifetime Fitness Program. The exercises and physical activity opportunities are designed to develop overall improvement in health, fitness and performance of activities of daily living.

Directed by Professor Ken Wilund, the staff is comprised of graduate students from the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois. In addition, undergraduate Kinesiology students work with the program to develop fitness instructional skills.

Participation and enrollment details can be found on the Join LFP! webpage.


Originally founded by Professor T.K. Cureton, the University of Illinois Adult Fitness Program has the distinction of being the first University-based adult fitness program in the world.

Professor Cureton established the Physical Fitness Research Laboratory in 1944 and the Adult Fitness Program was established shortly afterwards in order to examine the effects of exercise and physical activity on health and effective functioning. 

Since Dr. Cureton’s retirement, the Adult Fitness Program has continued to support the Department of Kinesiology’s research, teaching, and service mission. Now known as the Lifetime Fitness Program, the program is directed by Professor Ken Wilund, an exercise physiologist. Dr. Wilund has expertise in clinical exercise physiology, renal and cardiovascular physiology. Specifically, he conducts research regarding the effects that exercise and dietary modifications have on the development or progression of cardiovascular disease and other related metabolic disorders in chronic kidney disease patients.

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