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NetMath's mission is to bring the academic resources from one of the nation's top universities to students around the world.

Our online program is highly flexible; for most courses, students may enroll and begin the course at any time and may work at their own schedule and pace. Most courses go for 16 weeks. Students enrolled in a class that uses the Mathematica format may purchase up to three one-month extensions. High School students enrolled in Mathematica based courses have up to 9 months to complete their course. Courses that use ALEKS are 16 weeks for all students. Semester-based courses require students to enroll only during the semester in which the course is offered. There are no extensions for semester-based courses.

NetMath has served students online since 1991. The students served include a wide variety of students, including:

  • Rural High School students
  • Post-AP High School students
  • Homeschool students
  • University students
  • Adult professionals
  • Military personnel
  • Anyone interested in learning math!

Students completing NetMath courses receive math credit from the University of Illinois (an accredited, Big Ten university), and there is no requirement that students ever come onto campus. Exams are done through proctors who are local to the students in the program and quizzes may be taken online.

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