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Develop and implement initiatives that will help Konilo-Coura, a remote village in Mali, West Africa to achieve sustainable socio-economic development. Use the progress achieved in Konilo-Coura as a model of community development for the surrounding villages.

Problems and/or Opportunities

Access to water is one of the most fundamental necessities for any self-sustaining community. The water-stressed village of Konilo-Coura, Mali, has approached the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), through Dr. Osee Sanogo, a post-doctoral research associate at the university who is a native of Konilo-Coura. Dr. Sanogo believes that an interdisciplinary student team in the Learning In Community (ENG 298) course can aid them in the creation of a reliable, economically feasible and sustainable solution to their water shortage and quality problems. Dr. Sanogo also sees this initial water endeavor as a stepping stone to future projects in areas, such as sanitation, agriculture and environmental management, as well as the cornerstone of a long-term partnership between the university and his village.

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