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As a unique application of critical pedagogy and civic engaged scholarship Dr. Ruth Nicole Brown created and co-facilitates Saving Our Lives Hear Our Truths (SOLHOT), an arts-infused space that is dedicated to documenting the lived experiences of Black female students (from middle school to graduate students) for the purpose of producing knowledge that is relevant, action-oriented, and collaborative.

In SOLHOT, Black women and girls creatively engage with and work against the obstacles in their daily lives. Working against and through a dominant culture that claims their race, gender, class, age, and sexuality cause their "problem behavior," these Black women and girls work together to disrupt contemporary discourses of Black girlhood as inherently problematic.

Her research analyzes the kinds of individual and collective actions Black girls and women courageously take to intervene on their own behalf. Beyond contributing to academic theories of civic engagement and democratic participation research findings articulate the significance of SOLHOT as a collaborative project between the university and community that exemplify principles and practices of a self-affirming and critically engaged educational experience.

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