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Tap In Leadership Academy (Tap In) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit academic enrichment organization. Tap In was founded in February 2010 by Chief Executive Officer, Sally K. Carter, as a relationship-centered, intentional learning community. Tap In offers Afterschool Enrichment Programs (AEP), Summer Enrichment Programs (SEP), Family Enrichment Programs (FEP), a Kickback Lounge (KBL), Tap In Prep Academy (TIPA), and a Youth Employment Service (YES!) throughout Central Illinois and Chicago.

The mission of Tap In Leadership Academy is to enhance educational achievement, support leadership development, and captivate cultural awareness so that all of our Scholars are college and career ready. The Tap In Way® affirms the existing knowledge, skills, and potential of Scholars and creates equitable opportunities for intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The vision of Tap In Leadership Academy is to educate, equip and empower Scholars to become the next generation of leaders.

Visit the Tap In Story to find out more about the Tap In Way.

How is Tap In Leadership Academy different from other enrichment programs? 

Tap In strives to sustain relationships with their Scholars, as they travel through multiple levels of learning. Team Members engage parents and family members to promote the holistic development of the child from infancy to adulthood. Tap In provides youth with early opportunities to grow and learn through interactive, STEAM-based lessons, hands-on learning activities, and engaging field studies. Their Scholars blossom into leaders from these experiences. To date, Tap In is the only enrichment program that offers services through all developmental phases of childhood.

At Tap In, Scholars journey through a wide array of educational experiences. The interwoven thread binding the activities is respect for multiculturalism. Acknowledging and teaching about cultural differences helps to foster a strong undercurrent of pride and dignity for all cultural backgrounds. In addition, Scholars are engaged in a Culturally Integrated Literacy Curriculum (CILC), which fosters social consciousness and an appreciation for diversity.

Opportunities for service learning increase civic engagement. Tap In understands the importance of a distinction between service learning and community service. Community service is often seen as punitive, whereas service learning offers instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teaching civic responsibility and strengthening communities.

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