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For a variety of reasons, students who want to attend the well-regarded school are not always able to relocate to campus. The Graduate School of Library and Information Science extends their program to them, and widen the sense of community, through their online scheduling option called LEEP. Via this program, candidates without on-campus access to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are able to complete the ALA-accredited Master of Science degree (MS), a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS), or a K-12 LIS Certification.

The LEEP scheduling option is unique among schools of library and information science, and it provides significant advantages in a field increasingly involved in organizing and using electronic information. Simply put, their nationally recognized faculty combine very brief periods of on-campus instruction with Internet instruction and independent learning. Students complete the overwhelming majority of course work at the site they choose--usually their home or office--not a university satellite site. Their acknowledged quality is undiminished: In 2012, the ALA reaccredited their entire master's program, including LEEP in the positive, overall assessment.

The program uses advanced technologies that provide live, Web-based instruction: students hear faculty as they speak; they see slides and other graphics, and hear music and audio clips, as the professor discusses them; they "chat" with the professor and each other. And the LEEP staff continues to test and refine new technology, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of this exciting educational experience.

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