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In addition to the Bachelor’s degree, the School of Earth, Society, & Environment also offers a Certificate in Environmental Sustainability. This certificate can be completed entirely online. You do not need to apply to the University to undertake the certificate, simply enroll in classes as a non-degree seeking student. This may be the preferred option for students who already possess a bachelor's degree. All credit earned through the certificate can be applied to the ESE BS degree if you later transfer to the program.

This certificate addresses the growing demand for courses that concentrate on the key issues associated with sustainability and the environment. Students in the Environmental Sustainability certificate program will learn about the interconnectedness of environmental, economic, and social systems of the world; the implications of our actions on the environment; factors that determine the sustainability of human institutions, organizations, cultures, and technologies; finding solutions through innovative approaches; and expanding future options by practicing environmental stewardship. Following the classical definition of sustainability, the aim is to develop citizens, businesses, and societies that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

Visit the Online Certificate in Environmental Sustainability webpage for full details.

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