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The University of Illinois Tax School provides high quality, low cost tax education to tax professionals. They are an accredited sponsor of CPE and award CPE credits to those who attend our seminars.

The two-day Fall Tax School is offered annually between mid-October and mid-December at various locations throughout Illinois. Over 6,000 participants in Illinois attend these Schools each year.

In-Depth Seminars are offered each summer and fall based upon requests from Fall Tax School participants. Typically, one of the seminars relates to a specific type of entity, such as closely-held corporations, LLCs, S corporations, partnerships or trusts. Another seminar addresses topics of interest to practitioners with farm clients. Occasionally, additional topics are offered addressing an area of taxation that is troublesome or complex like IRC §199.

In addition to offering the tax seminars, they also publish and sell our specialty workbooks, such as Limited Liability Companies: Electing Partnership vs. S Corporation Status and An Accountant's Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges. These are updated periodically in order to provide tax practitioners with the most up-to-date and accurate taxation information.

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