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The Robert E. Brown Center for World Music, a unit of the University of Illinois School of Music, is a nonprofit organization promoting understanding and appreciation of the world's performing arts, primarily through active study of their performance.


The Robert E. Brown Center for World Music promotes understanding and appreciation of world traditions of music and dance, primarily through active study of performance with tradition-bearing artists. The Center is dedicated to the principle that serious involvement in the performing arts of any culture fosters respect and admiration for the culture itself. 

Activities of the Center

  • Engaging visiting artists and local artist-associates to teach and perform
  • Offering instruction in world music and dance traditions to University students, faculty, and staff and to the general community
  • Maintaining on-going performance ensembles
  • Arranging concerts and other performance opportunities for its visiting artists, artist-associates, and student ensembles
  • Offering lectures and workshops to introduce world performing arts to non-specialist audiences
  • Outreach, in the form of either demonstrations or sustained instruction, to elementary and secondary schools
  • Maintaining a website calendar to publicize world music and dance performances in Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding region
  • Disseminating, through the website, information about research projects at the University of Illinois relating to world performing arts
  • In the works: organizing study-abroad opportunities for the study of performing arts traditions in situ. These will, at least at the start, be geared to the traditions taught here at the Center

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  • Department of Dance

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  • West African Dance Series

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