The Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop - Summer 2017

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Fri, 6/23/2017 - Wed, 6/28/2017
Please note: this event occurred in the past!

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  • Fee required
  • Registration/Application required
  • CPDUs (Continuing Professional Development Units) or CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) offered
  • Participation is limited:
    Relevant to string teachers, performers, and serious college students.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus
Phone: (217) 333-1580


  • (217) 333-1580


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The University of Illinois is proud to announce that beginning in 2017 The Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshop will be at “back home” on the Urbana-Champaign Campus. This internationally-acclaimed program is recognized for its innovative relevance to string teachers, performers, and serious college students. At this workshop you will learn the acclaimed, ground-breaking playing and teaching principles and techniques of Paul Rolland from world renowned pedagogues, seven of whom studied with him and collaborated with him in numerous workshops; others who have adapted Rolland pedagogy to cello, bass, chamber music, and conducting; and two who taught the Alexander Technique to Paul Rolland and his students.

Date & Times

June 23-28, 2017

Registration & Costs


  • Full Program Registration: $425 ($495 after May 20)
  • Full Program Student* Registration: $345, ($395 after May 20)
  • Day Pass: $125/day
Participants of both the Rolland Workshop and the Orchestra Educator’s Conducting Workshop will receive a $75 total discount on the combined tuition costs of each program. In order to claim the discount, choose the appropriate option in the Conducting registration form.

Offerings for Summer 2017

Teachers working in private studio, school string classes, and school orchestras will have access the following workshop content:

Rachel Barton Pine
Renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine will present a recital, lecture and will teach a master class as part of the workshop.

Rolland String Pedagogy
The complete series of Teaching of Action topics, taught by seven of Paul Rolland’s students: Lynne Denig, Michael Fanelli, Gerald Fischbach, Nancy Kredel, Lucy Manning, Joanne May, and Susan Starrett

Rolland-Informed Pedagogy for Cello and Bass
Stephen Benham, Jeffrey Solow, Michael Fanelli

Rolland-Informed Chinrest-Shoulder Rest Advice
Lynne Denig

Ergonomic Examination of Auxiliary Equipment for Cello & Bass
Stephen Benham, Jeffrey Solow, Michael Fanelli

Rolland String Pedagogy in School Programs
Nancy Kredel, Joanne May

Rolland String Pedagogy for Suzuki Teachers
Gerald Fischbach, others

Alexander Technique
Alex and Joan Murray (teachers of Paul Rolland), and students of theirs

Rolland Principles of Motion in Chamber Music Playing
The Jupiter String Quartet

Paul Rolland History
Michael Fanelli

Paul Rolland Memories
A Panel of Former Students

Paul Rolland and Karen Tuttle: Focus on Viola
Nancy Kredel

Conducting Tune-Up for Middle School/High School Teachers
Louis Bergonzi

String Orchestra Tuning and Warm-Ups
Joanne May

“De-Rusting”: Warm-ups and Rehab for those with not enough time for practice!
Gerald Fischbach, Lucy Manning, Lynne, Denig, Jeffrey Solow

Developing a Private Studio: Priorities, Procedures, Pitfalls
Panel Discussion

Participant Showcase
You!! Apply for an opportunity to become a presenter.

Optional Private Lessons

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