From Rain to Lakes: A Discussion About Water - Putnam County

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Sat, 4/8/2017
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Begins at 10:00 AM

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Decisions we make in our gardens, landscaping, acreages, and farms impact the amount and quality of water in our lakes and rivers. Rain water management in residential settings can reduce the need for storm water improvements while adding interest and beauty to landscaping. Similarly, management practices can help better utilize rain for crop production and reduce erosion damage on acreages and farms.  These practices can reduce nutrient, sediment,  and other pollutants from entering our lakes and rivers. The practices include fertilizer management, rain gardens, bioswales, biofilters, vegetative buffers, and foliage choices.

Join University of Illinois Extension Educator, Jay Solomon, for a discussion how each of us has a role in protecting our area water resources. Hear about how new practices and collaborations are bring other communities together around common goals.

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