4-H Food Challenge - Clark, Crawford & Edgar Counties

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Thu, 3/2/2017
Please note: this event occurred in the past!


Begins at 6:30 PM

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  • Registration/Application required
  • Participation is limited:
    teams of 3-5 members


Clark County Extension Office
15493 N. State Highway 1
Marshall, IL
Phone: 217-826-5422


  • 217-826-5422

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It's our own version of "Chopped." 

Thursday, March 2, 6:30 PM, Clark County Extension Office.

Up to 3 teams may participate from each county.  (First come, first serve registration)

Teams should consist of 3 - 5 members.  If younger members make up a team, one adult may serve as a member.

Each team will be provided with ingredients that must be used in their recipe.  There will also be a "pantry" with optional ingredients.  Teams are challenged with being creative and developing their own recipe with the ingredients provided. 

A list of the necessary equipment will be provided to the teams prior to the event.  Some items will be provided.

Teams will have a set amount of time to prepare their dish using the provided ingredients.  Each team will present their dish to the panel of judges. 

Resource materials will be provided to the team prior to the event.  Teams may be asked general questions about "MyPlate" nutritional information and food preservation.  Judging will also include food appearance and quality and presentation skills of group. 

Register your team by calling you county Extension Office.  Registrations will be accepted until the maximum of three teams per county have been received.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams. 

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