2017 Banks Bridgewater Lewis Summer Camp

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Mon, 6/12/2017 - Sat, 6/17/2017
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Summer Camp

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BBL Fine Arts Academy
P.O. Box 555
Champaign, IL 61824
Phone: (217) 359-9784


  • (217) 359-9784


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The Banks Bridgewater Lewis Fine Arts Academy Summer Camp features small ensemble instruction for beginners through advanced students and will cover the musical genres of jazz, gospel, and popular music.  Advanced students will also have a chance to compose and showcase their own pieces.

Banks, Bridgewater & Lewis (BBL) Fine Arts Academy Mission:

The mission of the Banks, Bridgewater & Lewis (BBL) Fine Arts Academy is to enhance the musical knowledge base of young musicians by providing meaningful supplementary curriculum utilizing the genres of blues, jazz,gospel, rhythm & blues and soul so that they can participate and contribute successfully to their respective school.


  1. To enhance the diversity of local school instrumental and vocal music educational programs by providing individual and small group instruction to low income and underrepresented students
  2. To increase the social competency of participating students by providing experiences that break down stereotypes and foster cultural sensitivity by bringing together students of different social and cultural backgrounds utilizing music instruction and performance as the vehicle. 
  3. To utilize musical instruction and performance to provide low income and underrepresented students the opportunity to develop life skills such as self discipline, diligence, self expression, creativity, cooperation and problem solving.

About BBL

The BBL Fine Arts Academy provides small group lessons and ensemble rehearsals to supplement the local middle and high school band programs.
They currently offer lessons for voice, brass (trumpet, trombone), reeds (clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone), and percussion (drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar)
For those interested in lessons for strings students, check out the programs at the Community Center for the Arts.

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