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Tue, 2/7/2017
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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Teacher Tuesday Event – Make, Play, Connect

-a networking event to spur ideas that teachers can test in their classrooms

Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center

February 7, 2017

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5pm-6:30pm (with Jump Simulation facility tours being offered from 4:30pm-5pm & 6:30pm-7:00pm)

Seating is limited to 60 attendees

 4:30pm-5pm: Optional Jump Simulation Facility Tours

5pm-5:20pm: Welcome & Introduction from University of Illinois Extension & Jump Simulation

5:20-6:30pm Breakout Session Rotation

·         Breakout Session 1: Project Lead the Way K-12 STEM Opportunities

o   This session will provide an overview of PLTW K-12 STEM programs, with special examples of middle school Gateway Design and Modeling and Medical Detectives units/themes found in several of Project Lead The Way APPB (Activity/Project/Problem-Based) programs— elementary Launch human body; middle school Gateway Medical Detectives unit; High School Biomedical Sciences 4-year course sequence (Principles of Biomedical Sciences; Human Body Systems; Medical Interventions; Biomedical Innovation);  and High School Engineering program’s Environmental Sustainability course.

·         Breakout Session 2: Heart & Lung Specimen Demonstration

o   Anatomy and Physiology concepts can be a challenge to learn at any age. Analogy based learning is imbedded in grade school texts through medical texts and clinical practice because it enhances teaching, learning, and memory retention, as well as strengthening associations useful in conceptual and practical application. This session will demonstrate how Jump Simulation’s Anatomical Lab staff uses Analogies, metaphors, and similes to bridge the gap in learning new unknown medical information with pre-existing personal experiences at all levels of education from Youth STEM programs through medical students and practicing nurse and physician training.

·         Breakout Session 3: Innovative Technologies and Bioengineering

o   Bioengineers from Jump Simulation will review their processes for human-centered design in healthcare, focusing on interdisciplinary ideation and the importance of iteration in design problems. Attendees will leave with an understanding of novel design processes affecting the ability of different fields within STEM to converge into single projects, as well as take-home material detailing several methods for implementing these processes in their own fields of education.

6:30pm-7pm: Optional Jump Simulation Facility Tours

 More Information on Teacher Tuesdays – Make Play, Connect

-a networking event to spur ideas that teachers can test in the classrooms.

Schools, libraries, museums, and youth organizations alike are rapidly evolving to support the needs of 21st-century learners. In our region, we have a growing network interested in developing activities which can help teachers develop a Maker Mindset through self-directed, collaborative, creative, and interactive activities in an informal environment.

Come join us for a fun night of connecting with others who share a common interest in making and learning more about STEM programming. Engage in lively discussions and demonstrations, learn exciting things going on in the Peoria area and take away materials and ideas that can be implemented in a classroom or educational environment.

 Light refreshments will be served.


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