High School Entrepreneurship Battle - Macon County

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Sat, 2/4/2017
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  • 217-877-6042

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February 4, 2017

Millikin University Center for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to registration for the High School Entrepreneurship Battle. This event is sponsored by:

  • University of Illinois Extension, Macon County 4-H
  • Millikin University, Tabor School of Business
  • Millikin University, Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Millikin Collegiate DECA Student Club

The Battle challenges high school students to construct a new, innovative idea for a food related business that uses locally sourced products.

Included in this day will be the final competition, tours of Millikin, presentations about preparing for college, and an awards ceremony with a light lunch.

If you have any questions, please call Cory Washington at 217-877-6042.

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