Dean's Diversity Lecture Series: The Black Women's Blueprint for Institutional Transformation in Higher Education

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Tue, 2/14/2017
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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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  • Asian American Studies Program






Speaker(s): Dr. Lori Patton Davis, Indiana University

Given the current socio-political climate in the U.S. and on college campuses, a number of questions have emerged regarding the role of higher educaton in addressing oppression and systemic inequities.  Furthermore, concerns about the capacity of higher education institutions to engage in substantive change are among the most critical issues facing institutional leaders, faculty, and students.  In this presentation, Dr. Patton argues that efforts to address societal inequities and those situated in higher education might be best implemented by examining Black women's work and contributions.  In other words, how higher education moves forward toward transformation should be grounded in the model and examples demonstrated by Black women.  During the presentation, Dr. Patton will offer concrete examples of the strategies and efforts Black women have enacted toward change.  Arguing the point that there has been no substantive societal change without the influence of Black women, Dr. Patton will also offer an explanation regarding the seeming reluctance to acknowledge Black women's labor despite the benefits gained by numerous populations.  Dr. Patton will discuss the overwhelming invisibility of Black women's contributions, as well as the need for a more intersectional approach to institutional transfomration that is grounded in the traditions, intellect, and work of Black women.

The College of Education Dean's Diversity Lecture Series brings to campus preeminent scholars and leaders in their respective fields to share their knowledge with faculty and students and to present work that has had significant impoact in addressing one of the many major education challenges of the 21st century.  Invited speakers embody the belief that the future of education is defined by our spirit of innovation.



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