IGB Theme Symposium: Omics Nanotechnology for Cancer Precision Medicine

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Tue, 2/7/2017
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  • Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology





Speaker(s): Manish Kohli, MD Consultant, Division of Medical Oncology, Professor of Oncology, Mayo Clinic, College of Medicine and Science

This symposium showcases the research of the IGB ONC-PM theme members. The Symposium will consist of faculty talks, a poster session, and a keynote from Dr. Manish Kohli, Professor of Oncology, Mayo Clinic. The major goal of the ONC-PM Theme is to identify and exploit novel molecular biomarkers of cancer that can be noninvasively and rapidly measured from a single blood fingerstick using new technology platforms. The long-term outcome will be the measurement these diagnostic biomarkers in cancer patients to identify cancer sub-types, monitor recurrence, and track therapy, thereby providing a more personalized approach toward patient care. Toward these goals, we are developing at-home molecular assays that allow minimally-invasive, low-cost, and frequent (daily) blood biomarker analysis. Due to the low number of molecules available from a single droplet of blood, these assays necessitate the development of a novel ultrasensitive technology that can detect specific nucleic acids with digital precision. These technologies are also being developed in concert with new streamlined processes for tumor biopsy sampling and analysis through next-generation DNA sequencing, and the establishment of bioinformatics tools for identification of patient-specific biomarkers. Theme is a multidisciplinary collaboration that involves scientists with expertise in clinical cancer medicine, pathology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, chemistry, electrical engineering, and bioengineering.


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Contact(s): Nicholas Vasi

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