I am "The People": Understanding Latina/o Educational Pathways From the Perspectives of Scholar and Subject of Inquiry

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Tue, 2/7/2017
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12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

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  • Asian American Studies Program





Speaker(s): Michelle M. Espino, Assistant Professor of Higher Education, Student Affairs and International Education Policy at the University of Maryland, College Park

Drawing from critical race methodologies and Chicana feminism, Dr. Espino will discuss the slow advancement of Latina/o students, administrators, and faculty along an educational pipeline that is rooted in historical and current inequities.  She will emphasize the critical nature of research that co-constructs and co-interprets the realities experienced by participants and the researcher at particular moments in time and across familial, community , and educational contexts.  Dr. Espino will discuss the responsibilility of offering scholarly work with care and respect; attending to power dynamics as interviewer, narrator, and subject; and weaving togehter participants' lived experiences and her own in order to transform traditional paradigms and practices that hinder Latina/o educational attainment.


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