China and Globalization from the Perspective of Sino - Arab Economic and Trade Cooperation

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Mon, 2/6/2017
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 Dr. Li She is a faculty member at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. Her research focuses on Arab countries’ po­litical economies and Sino-Arab economic and po­litical relations. She worked for the Em­bassy of the People’s Republic of China in Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia. She has rich experience in Sino-Arab political and economic cooperation, and has published numerous articles in this field. She is a member of the Middle East Academy of China.

China's economic cooperation with Arab countries has evolved over the past several decades and has influenced its economic development and globalization processes. Thirty years ago, Chinese companies conducted a low volume of trade with a limited number of Arab countries, and focused on subcontracting low-end projects and exporting cheap labor. Today, China has become one of the Arab nations’ most important trading partners, by increasing investment and engaging in large-scale, high-end projects with local labor. This presentation will discuss China’s shift to taking a leadership role in this economic partnership with Arab nations, and from being a recipient of development expertise to being a provider of advanced equipment, technology and management experience.

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