Alexander Technique Workshop - Spring 2017

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Mon, 2/6/2017 - Fri, 5/12/2017
Occurs each week on F
Please note: this program occurred in the past!


8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

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A workshop to introduce singers, instrumentalists, performers and others to the principles of the Alexander Technique. Cultivate awareness and change habits through improved mind/body coordination. All welcome. 

The Workshop

Though designed to highlight the Alexander Technique’s unique benefits and functional relevance for singers and instrumentalists, both performers and non-performers from the University of Illinois as well as members of the community-at-large are encouraged to enroll. The workshop will include some individual hands-on work in class. It will meet throughout the fall semester on Fridays on the stage of the Music Building Auditorium.


Instructor:  Stasia Forsythe Siena, AmSAT Certified Instructor

Workshop Cost: $200 per semester. Includes one Friday meeting per week. Private lessons are also available for an additional cost.

NoteThanks to a generous funding gift, the workshop registration fee for 8 School of Music students will be waived.    

Visit the Alexander Technique Workshop webpage for Registration and Payment forms. 

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