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You and your team have only 60 minutes to save the free world from evil forces plotting its destruction. Solve puzzles to free yourselves and save Prof. Schrödenberg, an Illinois physicist who disappeared after developing a top-secret quantum computer that can crack any digital-security encryption code.

LabEscape, a student-run STEM-outreach escape room, is now open at Lincoln Square Mall!

Visit LabEscape online to find out more!

LabEscape Mission

The LabEscape project is committed to creating an innovative escape game unlike any other.

First and foremost, they want to provide you a rewarding and thrilling experience that will leave you fondly reminiscing long after you’ve left. They also want to show you that science can be amazing, useful, beautiful, and yes, even fun!

LabEscape has created a series of jaw-dropping puzzles based on various science phenomena. You will literally see an object disappear before your eyes—no CGI tricks here! They’ll also provide simple explanations for these amazing science phenomena, with examples of how they already play a huge role "behind the scenes" in your daily life.


  • $15 for students
  • $20 for non-students

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