Alexander Technique Workshop - Fall 2016

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Fri, 9/2/2016 - Fri, 12/9/2016
Occurs each week on F
Please note: this program occurred in the past!

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What is The Alexander Technique?

Since 2010, the University of Illinois School of Music has been among a growing number of forward-thinking universities and institutions of higher learning around the world offering opportunities to study the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is a widely recognized educational method for gaining awareness, changing habits, aligning posture, enhancing performance and cultivating effortless poise. Many people study the Technique to relieve chronic pain, tension and stress. Many musicians, conductors, actors and dancers consider the Alexander Technique an essential tool in their artistic development and often credit their professional longevity to applications of Alexander Technique principles on stage, in rehearsals and in the practice room.

In addition to allowing the release of unnecessary tensions and faulty habits acquired through years of physical misuse, the Technique enlivens the delicate mechanisms underlying all human movement. It promotes a dynamic experience of kinesthetic lightness. It guides refinements in such areas as breathing, vocal and/or sound production, speed and accuracy of movement and overall coordination, as well as an increase in stamina and the reduction of performance anxiety. In short, by enriching and expanding the sense of one's self, the Alexander Technique affords a deeper wellspring of creative expression.  By learning more about the use of their mind/bodies, students of the Technique bring more of themselves to all aspects of their lives.

The Workshop

This introductory workshop will introduce participants to fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique through weekly interactive group sessions. Though designed to highlight the Alexander Technique’s unique benefits and functional relevance for singers and instrumentalists, both performers and non-performers from the University of Illinois as well as members of the community-at-large are encouraged to enroll. The workshop will include some individual hands-on work in class. It will meet throughout the fall semester on Fridays on the stage of Smith Memorial Hall, Recital Hall.


Instructor:  Stasia Forsythe Siena, AmSAT Certified Instructor

Workshop Cost: $200 per semester. Includes one Friday meeting per week. Class will begin on Friday, September 2, 2016. 

PaymentThanks to a generous funding gift for Fall 2016, the $200 workshop registration fee for eight students enrolled in the School of Music will be waived. Individual lesson costs still apply.    

Payment may be made by check (payable to University of Illinois), credit card, or by charge to your UI student account. Please specify when you register.

Visit the Alexander Technique Workshop webpage for Registration and Payment forms. 

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University of Illinois
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