Bioinspiration: Insect Robots - Summer 2016

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Tue, 7/5/2016 - Fri, 7/8/2016
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Summer Camp

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July 5 - 8, 2016, from 1pm - 4pm

About Bioinspiration: Insect Robots

Insect locomotion has had millions of years of fine tuning to move across different terrains, let’s learn from them and apply our observations to improve robot mobility.

Day one is learning about bioinspiration and observation day, look at the insects and see what helps them move across different terrain. They’ll also get to see the robots that they are working with and try them out on different terrains.

Day two they will be given their prompt, “create boots for the Spider HexBug so that it can move across various terrains” and revisit tinkercad, learning extra skills not taught in CampFabLab.  

Days three-four taking our observations and applying them into designs for our robots (Hexbugs specifically). Testing designs, ideally they can get a test run and then time to revise their designs at least once

Day five Robo-Races, whose designs can make it across different terrains?

Learning Process and Outcomes

Iterative problem solving in scientific contexts, group communication, rapid ideation, and experimentation/observation skills.

Take-Home Creations

Camp participants will take home a HexBug robot modified with several accessories.

Participation Details

  • Prerequisites: Camp Fab Lab 

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Required Ages: 11+

  • Required # of Participants: 6 - 15

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