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The Illinois Forest Resource Center (IFRC), under the direction of Jim Kirkland, provides leadership, land management and workshops on various aspects of land ownership and forestry. The IFRC holds the annual "Stewardship Week" (link to page, which brings over 3000 schoolchildren and 100 professionals to the Dixon Springs Agricultural Center.

Each spring for over twenty years, nearly 3,400 students in grades K-6 participate in this popular conservation education event organized by the Illinois Forest Resource Center. Stewardship Week involves the combined efforts of over 100 natural resource professionals from local, state, and federal government and private organizations in Illinois. Resource professionals inform students about the natural resource bounty that exists in our natural environment. Arbor Day is celebrated on the final day of Stewardship Week. Throughout the event, each student receives a tree to plant at their home or community. The Illinois Forest Resource Center has helped expand this successful program to seven other parts of the state including Springfield and Chicago.  There has never been any cost to the schools.  The event is funded by the University of Illinois and a wide variety of conservation organizations.  The only cost to your school is your travel costs for the trip.  Please consider this award winning event for your classes between the grades of K-6th.  All you have to do is register!


For public service announcements for Stewardship Week, visit  http://www.uops.uillinois.edu/ui-service/display.asp?ProgID=685

For more information visit the Illinois Forestry Association website.

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