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Professional Development

Check out the calendar of professional development events for information about upcoming professional development opportunities. Our School of Social Work Alumni Association is committed to providing premiere continuing education courses.

Need ethics? Want to learn more about the research being done by one of the faculty members? Or, would you like to teach a continuing education course?

Tell them what courses you would like to see on the calendar so that they can improve their future course offerings. Contact the Advancement Office to let them know what you would like to see.


  • When Duty Calls: Ethics: How do we protect our clients, young and old?
  • Cultural Competency Training: Through the Eyes of a Disability
  • Homelessness and Teen Pregnancy
  • Harm Reduction in the Parent-Child Relationship
  • Adapting Evidence-based Interventions for Low-Income Mothers: Treating Perinatal Depression
  • Social Workers as Innovators: Improving Care for Patients with Advanced Illness
  • Clinical Interventions in Therapy: LGBT Individuals, Couples & Families
  • Returning Combat Veterans and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs: What a Social Worker Should Know
  • Managing ADHD: Beyond Medication and Behavior Modification
  • Crisis Response, Preparedness & Management
  • Mental Health Services in a Disaster
  • Self-Harming and Suicidal Behaviors
  • Managing Crisis: A Primer for School Social Work Professionals
  • CRISIS!  Legal, Ethical and Practical Issues
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Social Justice

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