Novel Education for Understanding Research On Neuroscience



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Grant-funded Project

Participation Details:

  • Participants receive a stipend
  • Registration/Application required
  • CPDUs (Continuing Professional Development Units) or CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) offered
  • Participation is limited:
    Teachers will need to apply and be accepted into the program in order to participate.




Parent Program(s):

  • Neuroscience Program
  • Department of Curriculum & Instruction

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Project NEURON (Novel Education for Understanding Research On Neuroscience) brings together scientists, science educators, teachers, and students to develop and disseminate educational materials that connect frontier science with national and state science education standards.

Their core project is the development of in-class curriculum units that emphasizing inquiry and active learning. These materials are tested by a dedicated group of high school teachers, to whom Project NEURON provides support and professional development. They have adapted and expanded these materials into a variety of additional projects that include outreach for younger grades, informal education, and educational games and videos.

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