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Scientific Animations Without Borders is a University of Illinois-based initiative dedicated to the development and deployment of animated educational materials that can be used to better the lives of people in developing nations. Currently, there exist a number of innovative solutions in the scientific literature that can help the poorest people on the planet. However, much of this is in a form, e.g., articles in scientific journals, that the true target audience cannot easily access due to a variety of barriers, such as literacy level.

SAWBO's goal is to increase accessibility of important development, health and environmental sustainability information to the approximately one billion low-literate learners on the planet that are in need of this important knowledge. They have proposed that by using animations, one can create a learning tool that can be voice-overed in any language, delivered through the Internet to most places on the planet, and then viewed and shared on cell phones and other electronic devices on the ground. The animations are developed through a virtual network of collaborators located in different parts of the planet. Their goal is to create these materials and share them with other groups that can develop innovative deployment strategies.

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