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Degree Program

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  • Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition



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The University of Illinois Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) department is proud to offer food science and human nutrition courses online in live synchronous sessions.

All required lecture-based courses are delivered in live synchronous online sessions using distance education technology. This technology offers several features including:

  • Live lectures from instructors (with optional video)
  • Breakout spaces for group activities
  • Real-time question and answer sessions
  • In-class student presentations
  • Live chat space and ability for students and instructors to use microphones


For admission to the Graduate College, a baccalaureate degree is required. It is desirable, but not required, that this degree be related to physical, biological, agricultural or engineering sciences. Required background courses include general chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, physics, and calculus. If you are deficient in these areas of study, you may take correspondence courses, other distance education courses, or traditional classroom courses to satisfy the necessary prerequisite requirements.

If your cumulative GPA for your last 60 hours of coursework is less than a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, it is recommended that you complete 2-3 courses in the program as a non-degree student prior to applying to the program.

  • If you are later admitted to the program, completed non-degree courses may be petitioned to count towards your degree program if you earned a grade of B or better. No more than 12 hours of non-degree coursework may be petitioned for use.
  • The TOEFL is required of all students who have studied in a non-English speaking institution prior to attending the University of Illinois AND have not had 2 of the last 5 years of full time study at an English speaking institution, or are receiving an advanced degree (MS equivalent or better) from an English speaking institution.

Course Offerings

Online courses are coordinated through Online & Continuing Education. Please visit their site to learn more about online courses and to register for current courses. You do not need to be admitted to the Graduate College before enrolling in courses.

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