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Wits Fitness - Carroll County Class/Lesson 1/5/17 - 12/7/17
Wits Fitness: Brain Training - Coles County Class/Lesson 1/9/17 - 12/4/17
Wits Fitness: Brain Exercise - Shelby County Class/Lesson 1/9/17 - 12/4/17
3-D Art Design SPIN Club - Macoupin County Class/Lesson 1/14/17 - 2/18/17
Occurs each week on Sa
4-H Archery - McLean County Workshop 1/17/17 - 3/21/17
Plant Propagation - Whiteside County Workshop 1/18/17 - 2/8/17
Occurs each week on W
2017 Small Farms Winter Webinar Series Webinar 1/19/17 - 3/30/17
Occurs each week on Th
Creative Dance for Children - Spring 2017 Class/Lesson 1/21/17 - 3/11/17
Occurs each week on Sa
Public Calligraphy Workshop 1/22/17 - 2/5/17
Occurs each week on Su
4-H Video Game Design Beginners Club - Montgomery County Workshop 1/23/17 - 2/27/17
Occurs each week on M
Master Gardener Training - Jefferson & Clinton Counties Training 1/24/17 - 3/28/17
Occurs each week on Tu
2017 Master Gardener Training - Effingham County Training 1/24/17 - 4/11/17
Occurs each week on Tu
Wits Fitness - Whiteside County Class/Lesson 1/24/17 - 11/28/17
Beginning Farmer Training Program: Growing Fruits and Vegetables for Market - Saline County Training 1/24/17 - 3/28/17
Occurs each week on Tu
Wits Fitness: Brain Exercise - Cumberland County Class/Lesson 1/27/17 - 12/22/17
Yoga at the Museum - Spring 2017 Event 1/27/17 - 5/12/17
Chinese Table - Spring 2017 Language Table 1/27/17 - 3/10/17
Korean Conversation Table - Spring 2017 Language Table 1/27/17 - 3/10/17
Occurs each week on F
4-H Horsebowl & Hippology Club - Bureau County Meeting 1/29/17 - 3/19/17
Occurs each week on Su
2017 Certified Livestock Manager Training Workshop 1/31/17 - 2/23/17
Occurs each week on Tu
2017 Four Seasons Gardening Series: Seed Starting - Boone, DeKalb & Ogle Counties Webinar 1/31/17 - 2/2/17
Occurs on Tu/Th
2017 Illinois Crop Management Conference - Champaign County Conference 2/1/17
Annie's Project - Christian County Workshop 2/1/17 - 2/17/17
Occurs each week on W/F
Education Justice Project Presentation Presentation 2/1/17
EIR Workshop: A Career of Lessons Learned: Developing Products in a Regulated Industry Seminar 2/1/17
The Soybean Innovation Lab: Communicating Research for Development - Spring 2017 Lecture 2/1/17
Computational Design of Artificial Animals - Spring 2017 Seminar 2/1/17
Be My Valentine Workshop - Edwards County Workshop 2/1/17
Chambana Science Cafe Series: The Evolution of Mammals: An Earful of Jaw Then and Now - Spring 2017 Lecture 2/1/17
Writ n' Rhymed Poetic Arts Space: Black Herstory Slam - Spring 2017 Performance 2/1/17
High Rise Stories with author Audrey Petty: A Public Square@Illinois event. Discussion 2/1/17
Meals for a Healthy Heart - Rock Island County Workshop 2/2/17
Occurs on Th
Something On Your Mind? Help Extension Help You - DeWitt County Meeting 2/2/17
The impact of intrinsic brain activity on cognition: a collaboration with the Dominican Republic Lecture 2/2/17
LTC Webinar Series: Caregiver Self-Care - Whiteside County Webinar 2/2/17
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - Spring 2017 Event 2/2/17
Spanish & Portuguese Colloquium - Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón (Hispanic Studies, Oberlin) Lecture 2/2/17
State Capacity at the Border: Relinquishing or Reinforcing Contentious Border Regions Lecture 2/2/17
Comfort Foods Makeover - Crawford County Class/Lesson 2/2/17
Kirby's Kitchen: Healthy Bones - Piatt County Class/Lesson 2/2/17
4-H SPIN Club : The Wonderful World of Wireless - Mason County Meeting 2/2/17
Krannert Uncorked - Spring 2017 Event 2/2/17
Krannert Uncorked and On Topic - Spring 2017 Event 2/2/17
Making, Breaking, and Conserving Medieval Manuscripts Lecture 2/2/17
Meals for a Healthy Heart - Ogle County Class/Lesson 2/2/17 - 2/9/17
Occurs each week on Th
Crimes Against Books: a program at the Grolier Club Lecture 2/2/17
4-H First Aid SPIN Club - Marshall County Meeting 2/2/17 - 6/1/17
4-H Treasury Workshop - Champaign County Workshop 2/2/17
Seed Starting - Effingham County Webinar 2/2/17
4-H Sewing Club: Level 2 - Montgomery County Meeting 2/2/17 - 2/23/17
Occurs each week on Th
SPEAK Cafe - Spring 2017 Performance 2/2/17
Failure: A Love Story Performance 2/2/17 - 2/4/17
February Dance: Designed Enviroments Performance 2/2/17 - 2/4/17
Wits Fitness: Brain Exercise - Henderson County Class/Lesson 2/3/17
Something On Your Mind? Help Extension Help You - Macon County Meeting 2/3/17
How I learned English: colonization and my education from Uganda to the United States Lecture 2/3/17
Language Shapes Opinion Toward Gender Equality Lecture 2/3/17
President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration Discussion 2/3/17
Segregation in Various Geographical and Temporal Contexts in Daily Life and Its Effects on Social Disparities in Exposures to Air Pollution Seminar 2/3/17
Why Equity Matters for Everyone: A New Value Proposition for Design Lecture 2/3/17
Dessert And Conversation: February Dance - Spring 2017 Event 2/3/17
Seeing Beneath the Ground: Geophysics and Recent Archaeological Explorations and Discoveries in Illinois Lecture 2/3/17
Getting Started with Honeybees - Madison County Class/Lesson 2/4/17
High School Entrepreneurship Battle - Macon County Event 2/4/17
2017 Horseman's Clinic Conference 2/4/17
Paint with Me - DeWitt County Class/Lesson 2/4/17
Horse Tack Swap - Carroll County Workshop 2/4/17
Spring 2017 Latin American Teachers Workshop: The African Presence in Mexico Workshop 2/4/17
Family Fun Concert: Aaron Nigel Smith Performance 2/4/17
Gardening Series: Propagation - Lee County Workshop 2/4/17
Cook with Me - DeWitt County Class/Lesson 2/4/17
4-H Shooting Sports: Archery SPIN Club - Lee County Meeting 2/4/17 - 5/20/17
Occurs each week on Sa
The Maddy Marsan Project Performance 2/4/17
Venice Baroque Orchestra: Vivaldi's Juditha Triumphans Performance 2/4/17
Quilting SPIN Club - Carroll County Meeting 2/5/17
Lucky Birds 4-H Club - Macoupin County Meeting 2/5/17
Tomatoes and Peppers - Kankakee County Workshop 2/6/17
Bruno Schulz, E.M. Lilien and the Archaeology of Polish Jewish Modernism Seminar 2/6/17
A Career In Publishing: What Do You Need To Know? Info Session 2/6/17
China and Globalization from the Perspective of Sino - Arab Economic and Trade Cooperation Lecture 2/6/17
Spring 2017 - Quench: The Honeymoon is Over Discussion 2/6/17
Linguistics Seminar Series: Darren Tanner - Spring 2017 Seminar 2/6/17
Up In the Air: Exploring Flight SPIN Club - Carroll County Meeting 2/6/17 - 2/22/17
Occurs each week on M/W
ManTalks: Healthy Relationships Workshop Workshop 2/6/17
Rabbit SPIN Club - Carroll County Meeting 2/6/17 - 7/31/17
IGB Theme Symposium: Omics Nanotechnology for Cancer Precision Medicine Symposium 2/7/17
2017 Commercial Tree Fruit School - Jefferson County Seminar 2/7/17
Weed Management Workshop - Fulton County Workshop 2/7/17
I am "The People": Understanding Latina/o Educational Pathways From the Perspectives of Scholar and Subject of Inquiry Lecture 2/7/17
A unique, long-term effort to study an Indiana bat maternity colony near the Indianapolis Airport - Spring 2017 Lecture 2/7/17
Democratization and State Dissolution in the Communist Federations Lecture 2/7/17
A Tale of Two Brothers: Medieval Depictions of Ancient Japanese Mythology Lecture 2/7/17
Arabic Henna Tattoo Workshop Workshop 2/7/17
Teacher Tuesdays: Make, Play, Connect - Peoria County Event 2/7/17
The Populist University: Expanding Public Colleges in the Trump Era Lecture 2/7/17
Beef Selection & Reproductive Management - Morgan County Seminar 2/7/17
4-H Robotics SPIN Club - Shelby County Meeting 2/7/17
2017 Commercial Tree Fruit School - Calhoun County Workshop 2/8/17
The Syrian Community Network presents: Community Outreach Event 2/8/17
Spring 2017 - Terrorism and South Asia: How to Win the Lost War Lecture 2/8/17
Know your plant medicine: Exploring essential oils - Spring 2017 Lecture 2/8/17
Chase Away Winter Chills with Hearty Soup - Jersey County Class/Lesson 2/8/17
Wits Fitness: Brain Exercise - McDonough County Class/Lesson 2/8/17
Adaptive Wings: A Pathway Towards Birds' Superior Flight Performance - Spring 2017 Seminar 2/8/17
4-H Honey Bee Challenge Funshop - Clark County Workshop 2/8/17
Comfort Foods in the Slow Cooker - Bureau County Class/Lesson 2/8/17
Sonic Illinois: Modern Ensemble Performance 2/8/17
Failure: A Love Story Performance 2/8/17 - 2/11/17
Afterglow: COLAB - Spring 2017 Performance 2/8/17
Krannert Center Youth Series: Red Sky: Mistatim Performance 2/9/17 - 2/10/17
2017 Illinois First Detector Workshop - McLean County Workshop 2/9/17
Weed Management Workshop - Tazewell County Workshop 2/9/17
I'm Positive, I'm Aging - Effingham County Webinar 2/9/17 - 2/10/17
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony - Spring 2017 Event 2/9/17
4-H Honey Bee Challenge Funshop - Clark County Workshop 2/9/17
Dialogue: a Polish-Jewish Film Series - The Innocents (2016) Film Screening 2/9/17
Krannert Uncorked - Spring 2017 Event 2/9/17
Back to the Basics with Heart Healthy Eating - Christian County Class/Lesson 2/9/17
Cherishing Charters in Medieval England: Archives of Passion, Aspiration, Longing, and Loss Lecture 2/9/17
4-H for Beginners: New Member and Parent Orientation - McLean County Info Session 2/9/17
German Movie Night (with subtitles): Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Bern, 2003) Film Screening 2/9/17
Afterglow: Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Spring 2017 Performance 2/9/17
Real Teaching with Real Colors - Cook County Workshop 2/10/17
2017 Illinois First Detector Workshop - Whiteside County Workshop 2/10/17
I'm Positive, I'm Aging - Boone County Workshop 2/10/17
I’m Positive, I’m Aging - Rock Island County Workshop 2/10/17
I'm Positive, I'm Aging - Kankakee County Webinar 2/10/17
I'm Positive I'm Aging - Crawford County Class/Lesson 2/10/17
I'm Positive I'm Aging - Edgar County Class/Lesson 2/10/17
Something On Your Mind? Help Extension Help You - Piatt County Class/Lesson 2/10/17
School of Earth, Society, & Environment Research Review Symposium 2/10/17
The Down There Workshop - Sexual Health Series Workshop 2/10/17
Reacting to the Past: A Single-Session Mini-Game Tutorial Lecture 2/10/17
Religion, Race, Sexuality, and Performance Discussion 2/10/17
Red Sky: Mistatim Performance 2/10/17
SONIC ILLINOIS: 18th Annual 21st Century Piano Competition Concert Performance 2/10/17
Bringing Back the Basics: Fibers & Spinning - Macon County Class/Lesson 2/11/17
Bringing Back the Basics: Enjoying Cut Flowers at Home - Macon County Class/Lesson 2/11/17
Fighting Sexual Violence at Work Workshop 2/11/17
Bringing Back the Basics: Pruning Your Home Orchard - Macon County Class/Lesson 2/11/17
Bringing Back the Basics: Cheese Making - Macon County Class/Lesson 2/11/17
Pressed Flower Workshop - Carroll County Workshop 2/11/17
4-H Shooting Sports - Richland County Workshop 2/11/17
Cooking with Tina - Franklin County Workshop 2/11/17
TANGO at KAM - February 2017 Event 2/11/17
Spanish Story Time - February 2017 Event 2/11/17
The Five Irish Tenors Performance 2/11/17
Bringing Back the Basics: Growing Herbs Indoors - Macon County Class/Lesson 2/11/17
Endless Love in the Afternoon Event 2/12/17
Failure: A Love Story Performance 2/12/17
Jim Pugh, Trombone Performance 2/12/17
40-hour Hazardous Material Technician Program / Decatur Training 2/13/17 - 2/17/17
16th Annual Center for Children's Books Sale Event 2/13/17 - 2/15/17
Dish It Up: Girls Geek Out, Too!: Gender Equity in Greek Culture Lecture 2/13/17
Money Monday: Eating Healthy on a Budget - Kankakee County Class/Lesson 2/13/17
CAS Associates & Fellows Noonhour Presentation: Robert Morrissey Lecture 2/13/17
Cottage Law Specialty Foods Seminar - Christian County Seminar 2/13/17
Cottage Law Specialty Foods Seminar - Montgomery County Seminar 2/13/17
From Haiti to the French Academy: an American writer Conference 2/13/17
Gene Robinson and May Berenbaum - Reddit's Ask Me Anything Social Media Discussion 2/14/17
Spring 2017 - Demand and Incentives for Postharvest Technology in India Lecture 2/14/17
Dean's Diversity Lecture Series: The Black Women's Blueprint for Institutional Transformation in Higher Education Lecture 2/14/17
Migration Crisis: Implications for Turkish-EU Relations Lecture 2/14/17
AsiaLENS Screening: PUNCH - Spring 2017 Film Screening 2/14/17
Anglophone Problem in Cameroon - Spring 2017 Lecture 2/15/17
The Comanche Empire Strikes Back: Seeking Representational Jurisdiction in Comanchería Cinema Lecture 2/15/17
Inaugural Stormwater Management Public Meeting Meeting 2/15/17
Dissident Masculinities in Indian Cinema Seminar 2/15/17
SONIC ILLINOIS: Illinois Modern Ensemble Performance 2/15/17
8HR Emergency Response Refresher / Decatur Training 2/16/17
Emerging Contaminants Consortium Meeting 2/16/17
Scholar Meet and Greet with Dr. Dustin Tahmahkera Open House 2/16/17
Illinois Business Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Luncheon Info Session 2/16/17
Diabetes and Persistent Organic Pollutant Exposure in a the Great Lakes Fish Consumption Study Seminar 2/16/17
Language Differences and the Construction of School Failure and Success for Multilingual/Multicultural Learners Lecture 2/16/17
Language Differences and the Construction of School Failure and Success for Multilingual/Multicultural Learners Lecture 2/16/17
Lunch @ La Casa - African American Women and Their Role in Student Affairs Lecture 2/16/17
Thursdays@12:20: UI Jazz Quintet Performance 2/16/17
2017 Winter Tales: Saving the Sacred Lecture 2/16/17
Saving the Sacred Lecture 2/16/17
Krannert Uncorked: Lyric Theatre - Spring 2017 Event 2/16/17
Klezmer Music: From Old World to New Performance 2/16/17
Sonic Illinois: Jupiter String Quartet with Todd Palmer, Clarinet Performance 2/16/17
VOICE Reading Series - February 2017 Performance 2/16/17
Rene Marie And Experiment In Truth: Sound Of Red Performance 2/16/17 - 2/18/17
Dance for People with Parkinson's February 2017 Workshop 2/17/17
Lines Drawn: Remembering Settler Pennsylvania Lecture 2/17/17
Spring 2017 MSTE Friday Lunch Series - St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy: The Importance of STEM Outreach to the Community and to You Seminar 2/17/17
Leadership in Hard Times: How Angela Merkel Learned to Love the European Union Lecture 2/17/17
Religion And Politics In Nineteenth- And Twentieth-Century Oman And Zanzibar Seminar 2/17/17
Spring 2017 Friday Forum: The State of Immigration in Small Town Illinois Lecture 2/17/17
2017 Chancellor's Postdoctoral Symposium: American Indian Studies Lecture 2/17/17
Molecular Underpinning of Postsynaptic Calmodulin-dependent Calcium Signaling - Spring 2017 Seminar 2/17/17
Beyond the Neutral Pipe Hypothesis: Rivers and the Global Carbon Cycle Lecture 2/17/17
The Erotics of Nostalgia: Performing and Belonging in Skyrian Music Lecture 2/17/17
Experience the Hops at Allerton Event 2/18/17 - 2/19/17
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2017 Event 2/18/17
International Science Fiction Film Festival Film Screening 2/22/17 - 2/23/17
Director's Seminar 16-17: Alcohol and the Developing Brain Seminar 2/23/17
2017 Senior High String & Orchestra Clinic Workshop 2/25/17
34th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival Festival 2/25/17
Dish It Up: The Promise of Beauty Lecture 2/27/17
Astronomy on Tap: Eclipse of a Generation Discussion 2/27/17

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